Wellbeing - Student Wellbeing

The staff of Cobram Anglican Grammar School work in partnership with parents to support students academically, socially, physically and emotionally. We have a great interest in, and optimistic view of, the lives of the young people in our care. At all ages we seek to develop skills of resilience, mutual respect and work ethic.

Significant, supportive, trusting relationships fostered between between staff and students are at the heart of our effective pastoral care programme at Cobram AGS. While such relationships will typically occur between students and one of their home room teachers, students are encouraged to seek out any teacher with whom they feel comfortable.

Parents are strongly encouraged to communicate with the teaching staff, the home room teachers, and the Heads of School - Mrs. Mary Swoffer (Junior School), Mr Kale Watkins (Middle School) & Mr Ask Kennedy (Senior School) - where queries arise over day to day issues. Parents' finely tuned understanding of their children can provide the School with invaluable insights and teachers are often able to offer useful strategies for at home. In addition our Head of Welfare & Child Safety Officer Ms Vanessa Wannis and Educational Psychologist Dr Kevin Quin are always available.

The student is placed at the centre of all educational and wellbeing thinking at the School, and it prides itself on offering each student every opportunity to achieve to their best of their ability. The wellbeing team assists students and families wherever need exists.

Principal, Mr Steve Gale, is passionate about student wellbeing at Cobram AGS. 'All students at Cobram Anglican Grammar School are treated with respect and dignity. We are a caring, encouraging and supportive educational community'.