Enrolments - Scholarship Information

A Scholarship at Cobram Anglican Grammar School

Thank you for contemplating a Scholarship with Cobram AGS. We are looking forward to considering your application, and look forward to you becoming a part of the Cobram Anglican Grammar School community. It is a great school, and we are proud of our name in the community, and the fabulous results we achieve with our students each and every day.

To explain the scholarship/bursary system. The School offers a limited number of scholarships/bursaries each year

  • The A scholarship is for students who are​ 'high flyers' in their academic studies. Students who achieve above average scores in NAPLAN, students who are easily coping with their students in their current year level and who are often given, and successfully complete, work well above their existing year level.
  • The G scholarship is for students who are hard working, honest and determined. They might not be A Grade in every subject, but are thorough, honest and hard working. Their behavior in class would be impeccable, and their endeavor in every subject unquestioned.
  • The BURSARY is for students who are good honest students, and who try hard in all their subject but whose families are experiencing hard financial times. Bursaries are offered purely on proven financial status (given that the student is of good character) and are considered only after thorough consultation with our business manager and School financial consultant.

I hope this information helps you. I encourage you to apply. The school accepts one scholarship/bursary application per student/family per year.

Applications for Scholarships for 2018 close on Friday 28th of July 2017. Scholarship application forms are available from the Registrar, Ms Joanne Bourke phone (03) 5871 1816, or online. Applications can be posted, emailed or made in person at the office.

Please feel free to email the friendly Office staff at
admin@cags.vic.edu.au with any further questions or queries.