Enrolments - Fees

Fee Schedule & Structure for 2018

The "2018 CAGS Payment of Fees Form" is available at the bottom of this page

Year Level

Tuition Fee

Subject / ResourcesLevy

Total Fees & Levies Monthly payment
Preparatory – Year 4 $1120 $280 $1400 $140**
Year 5 – Year 6
$1655 $320 $1975 $197.50**
Year 7 – Year 10 $2375
$750 $3125 $312.50**
VCE $2375 $750 $3125 $312.50**

                                                       ** Based on ten equal monthly instalments (February – November 2017)

School fees are calculated on a per annum basis.

The School’s Subject/Resources Levy meets the cost of providing incidental tuition costs which include:
Classroom resources (sets of class texts, necessary materials, etc), library facilities, computer and technology provision, sporting facilities, equipment and co-curricular activities, School diary & school magazine.
Please note that Years’ 7 to 12 Levy includes the provision for compulsory co-curricular activities and Learning Journeys (Camps).

Any additional charges will be added to the account at the time they are incurred.

Cobram AGS moves to BYODD (computers/tablets) in 2018:
Many families have indicated their preference to provide their own device in 2017, despite one being available through the school, therefore the school will move to a BYODD platform in 2018. Fee increases have been kept to an absolute minimum in recognition of the extra expense this will place on some families. Families who are concerned over the extra expense, especially of students from Year 4 2017 going into Year 5 2018, are encouraged to contact principal, Steve Gale, to discuss options going forward.

IMPORTANT: “School Fees” exclude the following additional charges:
•    Individual student texts or stationery in any Year Level
•    Optional camps and excursions
•    Optional Distance education subjects
•    Optional VCE/VET subjects offered by Off Campus Education Providers

Sibling Discounts:

Family discounts are applied to the total family fee amount as follows:
•    Two Children -  10%
•    Three Children – 20%
•    Four or more children – 30%

Early Payment Discount:
A discount of 5% is offered if school fees are paid in full for a complete year within fourteen (14) days of the commencement of Term One. Please note this discount applies to school fees only.

In addition to the government sponsored School Bus system detailed below, Cobram AGS has its own bus line. Daily bus travel, in our own coaches, is available for students from Numurkah and district, and also for students from Yarrawonga. Cost varies, up to $480 per student per annum. Contact the School Office for further details.

Payment of Accounts
In 2018 the full yearly fee will be charged as one invoice, issued in January 2018. We will then send out a quarterly statement showing the remaining balance. Term payments are expected to be paid by the first day of Term.
All accounts should be paid in full by 30th November. It is School policy that all fees be paid on a regular payment schedule. This can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or term by term.

In order to assist families we encourage payment via direct debit. This allows for regular payments to be made equally over the school year. Direct Debit request forms are available from the school office or the school website. Please note: If your current payment arrangement is via direct debit, a new form is required for each school year.

Payment Options

Annual Payment: 
   A 5% discount on fees will be provided if paid in full for a complete year within fourteen (14)             days of the commencement of Term One.
Term Payment:    14 days after the commencement of each Term.
Monthly:        10 equal instalments (February-November)
Fortnightly:    20 equal instalments (Commencing 1st Thursday of February)

Payment Methods:
We offer a variety of fee payment options, encouraging families to select a direct debit plan to ensure fees paid in full by the end of November each year.
Fees can be paid by:
•    Cash or cheque
•    EFT
•    Credit Card. Credit card payments can be made in person, over the phone or by filling in the slip at the bottom of your fee statement.
•    Direct Deposit into the school bank account

School Bank account details:
Account Name:      Cobram Anglican Grammar School
Bank:                        Anglican Community Fund (Westpac)
BSB:                           706001   
Account Number:    30007502
Reference:    Account No and Parent Surname

Fee Assistance/Concessions:

All arrangements regarding Bursaries and Scholarships must be negotiated with the Principal on an annual basis. For more infomations on Scholarship and Bursaries see the Scholarship page.

Health Care Card
Health Care Card discounts will only be applied upon successful submission of a CSEF application (see below)

Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)
CSEF is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the cost of school trips, camps and sporting activities. Families who hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent are eligible to apply for CSEF. Annual amounts are approx. $125 for a primary student and $225 for a secondary student. The allowance is paid to the school and will be allocated to camp, sporting and excursion costs.

Application forms are available at the school office. For more information about CSEF visit: www.education.vic.gov.au/csef

Notice of Withdrawal

The Principal must be given a full term’s notice in writing prior to the withdrawal of a student from the school.
Failure to provide such notice will result in the charge of a term’s fee.