Enrolments - IT Policy & BYOD Information

Cobram AGS Information Technology (IT) Policy

Cobram Anglican Grammar School supports the rights of all members of the school community to be provided with, and engage in, a safe inclusive and supportive learning environment. This extends to the use of digital tools and online communities and is underpinned by our expectation of safe and responsible behaviour of all members of the school community.

For more information about our IT Policy please see the 'IT Policy' document.

Cobram AGS BYOD Booklet 2019

About the Program

Q: Why BYOD?
Many parents have expressed a desire to have a choice in the provision of an electronic device suitable for educational purposes for their child, with an increasing number of families electing to purchase/provide their own device.

Q. Which students are involved in the BYOD Program?
Students enrolled in Years 5 to 12 are involved in the program.

For more information about our BYOD Program please see the 'BYOD Booklet 2019' document.

Cobram AGS BYOD Minimum System Requirements

Please see the 'Cobram Anglican Grammar School BYOD Requirements 2019' document for the list of Minimum System Requirements.