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2016 heralds the implementation of the new VCE English study design. The new program has seen a shift to both analytical and creative text response; language analysis and persuasive writing; and a comparative text response. With the new study design comes the opportunity to innovate and write exciting, relevant curriculum that will challenge and engage our students. VCAA has identified that the strongest performing English students are readers with excellent vocabulary. One of our main focuses at CAGS is strengthening and encouraging both reading for pleasure and wider reading and explicit vocabulary development from Prep to Year 12.

The teaching staff at CAGS have been blessed with a growing and dynamic learning support team who work with individual students on specific targeted literacy and numeracy strategies. Our aim is to develop students’ skills and wellbeing while supporting teaching staff which is strengthening our whole school community.

The English Faculty at CAGS is committed to the literacy development of all our students. Our English programs are written and delivered with collaboration and integrity and we are committed to learning, innovating and most importantly guiding our students on their journey to reach their goals. We further support our cohort with, for example, after school homework clubs and extracurricular literacy programs such as buddy reading, reading and writing competitions, blogging and literature circles.

Religious Education

Christian philosophy and faith are at the core of the College's values and are expressed in every facet of our curriculum and activities.
Religious education classes are a component of the curriculum for all students. Christianity is the principle focus for the primary years, but in later years a balanced understanding of the spectrum of religious faiths is taught.

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