Our Learning - Middle School

Cobram Anglican Grammar School is much more than a school of academic excellence. Our aim is to inspire, engage and encourage students to develop and pursue their interests, while gaining knowledge and learning new skills beyond their academic pursuits.

We offer a diverse range of exciting learning opportunities across the Middle Years (Years 5-9). Students are provided with age-appropriate, academically rigorous educational programs designed to enhance their personal growth and development as they transition from childhood to adolescence. At Cobram Anglican Grammar School, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer a safe and secure learning environment, while enabling the students to transition into secondary education with ease.

An important feature of the Middle Years is the emphasis on personal growth and development. Each child is unique and our Middle Years program provides quality learning opportunities for individuals in an inclusive, nurturing environment, providing every student the opportunity to flourish as a successful learner. Provisions are made for special talents and abilities and supplementary support offered for those students who need different resources in order to succeed and achieve.

Challenging and engaging curriculum and a wide variety of sporting, creative and artistic opportunities, provided by our dedicated staff, encourage students to enquire and be intellectually adventurous and creative within the classroom and in the wider school environment. Our exciting and progressive electives program, provides students with learning opportunities in Music, Drama, Art, ICT, Agriculture, Food Technology, Woodwork and Outdoor Education.

Our academic curriculum is complemented by a dynamic and exciting camps program, with students exploring curriculum and personal growth outside the classroom setting. Students visit places and environments ranging from the Victorian goldfields, to the southern coastline, to the home of our national institutions and national parklands.

We also offer a diverse range co-curricular opportunities for students to participate in, such as public speaking, human powered vehicles, sporting events, computer programming and academic competitions, all of which provide opportunities for students to shine in their own unique ways.

By building a strong profile of achievements in various areas of interest, students are able to demonstrate that they have the versatility and adaptability needed to flourish, succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The caring and passionate staff at Cobram Anglican Grammar School are committed to helping shape, nurture and foster the students in our care. We are committed to working with students, families and community in helping the young people in our care to gain independence, maturity and a love of learning. Our Anglican ideals and values underpin our approach in these formative years as we help guide students in becoming kind, tolerant and respectful members of our school and its community. We look forward to working with you and your child during this important stage of their education and personal growth.