Our Learning - Junior School

WELCOME - From Mrs Mary Swoffer, Head of Junior School

As the Head of Junior School it is my job to prepare every child including our youngest to meet the challenges of a changing world with courage and confidence. This journey will not end for 13 years and for the first 5 years I will walk hand in hand with you and your little one, providing you with all the necessary information, answering all of your questions and most of all being their every day for you to contact, your child to ask questions and navigate this journey together.

Our transition to school through the 'school readiness program' ensures that all students that attend Cobram Anglican Grammar School are developing the spiritual, physical, mental and social capabilities to assist them to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners. I really enjoy talking with students and understanding what they are thinking and why. Many of my conversations particularly with the older students in Junior School are about how they are feeling. A word that is regularly used is ‘belonging’. A child’s perspective of belonging is often referred to as ‘inclusion’ by adults. When a child has a sense of belonging, they experience warm and responsive relationships, they thrive because they feel safe, nurtured and valued. At Cobram AGS we see every child as a unique individual with different needs and aspirations, and we understand that the support that helps one child may not work for another. With careful attention and planning our students are supported, included and encouraged with a strong sense of belonging as they move through the Junior School.

Please refer to our updated 2021 Foundation Transition Booklet below and call the school for your personal tour today! 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the opportunities and experiences that Cobram AGS might hold for you and your family!