Our Learning - Junior School

At Cobram Anglican Grammar School we recognise the importance of establishing a firm foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes in the early years on which our students can continue to build.

All children are unique and may vary enormously in maturity, learning styles and developmental progress. Hence we work hard to provide an appropriate, stimulating, differentiated, challenging and imaginative curriculum that encourages in all students a sense of wonder and love of learning, while also promoting positive self-esteem and the development of the social skills needed for effective and
rewarding participation in a community.

Central to our curriculum are the values of honesty, integrity, respect and thoughtfulness, as well as determination and initiative.

Within the junior classrooms particular emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy, supporting each individual according to their needs and talents. We also seek to provide children with knowledge and skills in Japanese, Religious Studies and a variety of other thematic areas of learning which include History, Geography, Environment, Science, Drama, Art, Music and Civics.