School Community - Uniform Shop

Parents are advised that a full range of all School Uniform requirements can be met through Mentha's Mensland Cobram.

Mentha's are located at 39/41 Bank St, Cobram. Ph:5872 2108.

New to Cobram AGS is a range of 'soft shell' jackets for all students in Years 5 - 9. These form part of the winter uniform, and can also be purchased through Mentha's.

Parents of 'Senior' students (10 - 12) should be aware that Cobram AGS is introducing a new blazer this year. It is compulsory for students in Year 10 & 11 to have the new blazer, however students in Year 12 are able to wear their existing blazer if they wish. A full range of sizes is available to try on at the school. Homeroom teachers will assist students with this process in early March. Parents will be advised of a suggested size for the blazer. Parents are of course welcome to come to the school and be involved in the fitting process if they wish. An order form with suggested sizing and payment options will be provided to each student once they have been fitted for the blazer. Parents / Guardians will need to allow a couple of weeks for the blazer to be ordered and embroidered, so it would be appreciated if all order forms could be returned to the school office by Thursday the 24th of March. All being well it is expected that the blazers will be ready to collected on day one of Term 2. The cost of the blazer is $160.00. 

We are excited about the addition of the new blazer to our current uniform as it will provide a further opportunity for our students to wear their uniform with pride, add to their feeling of belonging to the school, and build on the wonderful sense of community we value so much.

Unlike the provision of all other School Uniform attire, the School Blazer is only available direct from the school. Any queries can be direct to the school office.

Also, please note: The School also keeps a range of pre-loved uniform, kindly washed and/or cleaned, donated by families where students have 'outgrown' garments that are otherwise in extremely good condition. Items of pre-loved uniform donated to the school are free to parents/guardians of students at Cobram AGS. In addition we encourage famlies to donate items in good condition for the use of other members of our School community.

Some famliies prefer to sell secondhand uniform clothing. This is especially the case with more expensive items such as school jumpers, blazers and the like. Our fortnightly newsletter, 'The Crier' has a Trading Post, The
Trading Post can also be found on the school's Skool Bag App, listed under "Useful Info for Parents/Guardians". The Trading Post often features school uniform apparel at very reasonable prices.