School Life - Bell Times

Time Activity
8:30 am Earliest suggested arrival time for students - staff members on Yard Duty
8:55 am Home Room
9:00 am Period 1
9:50 am Period 2
10:40 am Recess
11:00 am Period 3
11:50 am Period 4
12:40 pm Lunch
1:25 pm Period 5
2:15 pm Period 6
3:05 pm Buses & students begin departing
  Wednesday Only
3:15 - 4:00pm Whole School Homework Club
Prep to Year 4 in the library & Year 5 to 12 in the VCE Center

At this time Mr and Mrs Smith are available (in the VCE Centre) to help with Math
or Science problems and if you require help in other areas you can prearrange with
your teacher to get extra help at this time. It is fun and some marked academic
improvements have been seen.

Please ensure you have arrangements in place for your child to travel home at the
completion of homework club. We encourage you and your children to take advantage
of this wonderful initiative offered at Cobram Anglican Grammar School.