School Life - 2018 Valedictorian Announced

To be elected Valedictorian is a great honour at Cobram Anglican Grammar School. The Valedictorian is recognised by their peers, and teachers, to be a person who is seen to uphold and represent the values of the School- Community, Integrity and Endeavour in all that they do.

Our 2018 Valedictorian is a person who has indeed upheld these values in all that they have done at school. And, it is particularly gratifying to acknowledge that this student also has the distinction of being able to say that they have lived these values for the entirety of their school life. Brodie Walker, is the first student who commenced their schooling in the Cobram AGS Prep class in 2006 and has gone all the way through to finish their VCE.

Brodie graciously accepted this award and presented a well thought-out speech to his peers, parents and staff of Cobram AGS. In part, his speech considered the meaning of success:

“I would like us all to consider what it means to succeed and what that will mean for us all. Tonight, success for all of us, will be that we have graduated after 13 years of hard work. Success in the coming months maybe measured by qualifying for a university, getting into the TAFE course we applied for, getting into paid employment or even embarking on some form of travel. Regardless of what our endeavours may be, the future is ours to take advantage of, to make a difference and to understand what great opportunities there are for the taking”.

Cobram AGS would like to congratulate the Valedictorian of the Year 12 class of 2018, Brodie Walker.