School Life - Come and be a part of the 21st Century Education

Cobram Anglican Grammar School is unique, being the only P-12 School in Cobram. Our school is built on the pillars of Integrity (be honest in all that you do), Endeavour (try your hardest no matter the obstacles) and Community (look after one another) – the motto of our school. The P-12 Education model is widely recognised as being at the cutting edge of education provision.

Why choose a Prep – Year 12 School?

Students are able to seamlessly move through year levels from Prep to Year 12 developing and maintaining relationships with peers and staff members over their entire school life. Parents have a greater prominence in day to day activities of the school and are more aware of, and involved in events and activities across the entire school. There is a strong sense for parents and students alike of belonging to an active and vital community. Students in Prep to Year 12 schools experience a smoother transition between recognised Sub School groupings, from Junior School (Prep – Year 4) through Middle School (Year 5 – Year 8), and into Senior School (Year 9 – Year 12) due to the very nature of the model. Students interact with other students across the entire campus. Sports Days and other school events are times of great celebration and excitement, and highlight the strong feeling of connectedness that only a Prep – Year 12 School can offer. Relationships between staff, parents and students develop and strengthen over the years while our community continuously grows and thrives.