School Life - A school for the community

Cobram Anglican Grammar School delivers a broad and engaging curriculum, and has fabulous teaching staff and great facilities, and we are determined to make quality educational opportunities available to all students.

It is for this reason that the school is delighted to promote its annual scholarship program. Students can apply for a scholarship at any time until the end of July for the forthcoming school year. External exams are conducted mid Term Three and a limited number of scholarships are awarded. Parents are actively encouraged to apply for scholarships where their child excels in literacy, numeracy, arts, science or sports.

In the spirit of the pastoral nature of the school, Cobram AGS also has a bursary program. Bursaries have been established to provide educational opportunities for students who have the potential to excel in their studies and lead within the community, but where families are facing significant financial hardship.

Families who are interested in finding out more about scholarships or bursaries should contact the school on 5871-1816, or in person, and speak with Executive Assistant Ms Ashlee Harvey.