School Life - Classroom Helpers Training Program

Cobram Anglican Grammar acknowledges that the first teachers of all children are their families. Every child comes to school with an understanding of oral language, skills, behaviors and values which their families have instilled in them. We believe in building important relationships between school and home, and our Classroom Helpers Training Program is an example of one such valuable link.

The assistance of helpers within the classroom to provide support during the delivery of our Literacy programs is invaluable. Each year a Classroom Helpers Training Program is conducted which aims to equip helpers with the necessary prompts and questions to support students in their literacy learning within the classroom setting. The course consists of two one hour sessions, focussing on oral language (Speaking and Listening), and reading in the classroom.

The course is open to all parents, guardians, family members and school community members. All classroom helpers must have completed a Working With Children check, and Criminal Records Check and both classroom helper training sessions prior to commencing support in classrooms. The sessions are specifically designed to prepare participants  to work under the guidance of the classroom teacher to support individuals and small groups of students during the literacy block and at other learning times.

This year the number of classroom helpers has tripled and now sees the program branch into the middle and senior school with family and community members offering support in specialist areas including; agriculture, languages, automotive, wood and metal work.
A big thank you to all those that are volunteering their time and expertise, your contribution to our school community is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.