School Life - Mappen For Success

Cobram Anglican Grammar School is set to introduce a new Inquiry Based Program for 2018 across years P-6. The program, ‘GetMappen’, features curriculum covering content in the key learning areas of Science, Humanities, Technologies, Health, Civics and Citizenship, as well as covering the Victorian Curriculum capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capabilities, Ethical Capabilities and Intercultural Capability.

Head of Junior School Mrs Mary Swoffer and the P-4 staff have been exploring the GetMappen content and structure for some time. Then believe it will benefit teachers handling increasingly heavy curriculum demands, yet allow them to extend students learning through an extension of the core basics of Mathematics and Literacy. ‘The GetMappen curriculum is taught in a two year scope and sequence, with each Victorian standard covered throughout’. said Mrs Swoffer.

Mrs Swoffer also alluded to key focus on the learning areas of Literacy and Mathematics that are so vital to student growth, ‘By incorporating this program into our already extensive curriculum, it will allow each classroom teacher to spend more time on the key foundation areas. This time then allows for more support and extension in the classroom, and coupled with our successful Education Support Program we have and will see huge growth in student learning’, she said.

Pictured: Head of Junior School Mrs. Mary Swoffer discusses the benefits of the ‘Getmappen’ Inquiry Learning Curriculum with teacher Mr. Ben Davis, and students Fatima Mousawy Yr 4, Regan Rouse Yr 5 and Harlen Robbins Yr 2

The GetMappen curriculum incorporates the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) that have been explored by education experts such as John Hattie. The HITS are 10 instructional practices that reliably increase student learning wherever they are applied. They emerge from the findings of tens of thousands of studies of what has worked in classrooms across Australia and the world.

Teachers at Cobram Anglican Grammar School began incorporating the program ahead of its release into the classroom in 2018. Junior School teacher Mr Ben Davis believes it will provide all students with a beneficial outcome. ‘With the support of rubrics, each unit is scaffolded towards a rich assessment task. Before they begin each unit, students are immersed in the real-world application of what they will be learning. Students complete a pre-test to assess their understanding and skills and are given the opportunity to generate questions and conduct increasingly autonomous inquiries within the structure of the unit’.

Dennis Yarrington President of the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) which endorses GetMappen and promotes the program to members said: ‘Our research assured us that principals could be very confident that GetMappen covers the Curriculum from Foundation to Year 6, while supporting educators’ professional learning’.

Mrs. Swoffer has seen significant growth at Cobram Anglican Grammar School in the last few years. ‘We put that down to our extremely dedicated teachers who support and extend their students everyday. This program will allow us to take another step forward and provide our students with the most comprehensive curriculum in the local area’.