School Life - Language Programs

Kon’nichiwa, Ciao, Nǐmen hǎo, Malo e lelei, Selmat pagi, Salam, Om suasti astu and G’day!

Cobram Anglican Grammar School is very excited to announce Mr Geoff Brown’s appointment as their Head of Languages, Professional Development, Testing and Data. Geoff has over twenty two years’ experience in Education, including teaching Indonesian for eight years. Most recently, he was the principal of Nullawil Primary School. Geoff is passionate about delivering Languages Education in rural and regional Victoria. Learning an additional language is a crucial element in 21st Century education. “Not only is it beneficial for developing the brain, but it helps to develop acceptance and understanding for people from different cultures.

Many of the ‘big’ problems we face today are global. Being able to communicate, collaborate and empathise with people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds can only be of benefit to all. Further, and as an aside, I’ve always found that when one learns another language, one learns a lot about one’s own” said Mr Brown.  Cobram Anglican Grammar School is proud to be able to offer two languages to its students. The program this year is Japanese for Year One to Four delivered by Mrs Karen Bagu. Chinese (Mandarin) will be delivered from Years Five to Nine by Mr Geoff Brown.

Why add Mandarin to the schools language program?

“According to (2014) China has a population of approximately 1.4 billion people.  (Compare this to the population of approximately 360 million native speakers of English around the world). The Chinese are already a significant trading partner with Australia. As Cobram is a major food growing area, and food is a major export item with China, it is very likely that many our students will require skills in speaking and understanding Mandarin as they grow into adulthood, as well as the ability to interact across cultures” Mr Brown added.