School Life - Altina Wildlife Park

Late in 2017 the Year 5/6 class participated in an excursion to Altina Wildlife Park, Darlington Point, in southern NSW.  The visit to the wildlife park provided students with a unique up-close and personal experience that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. During the guided tour of the park our students learnt about the history of the park, and all about the animals and costs associated with keeping the wildlife park running.
This really struck a chord with the students and, upon returning to school, they decided they would like to have a fund-raising event to raise money for Altina wild life park.
After the fundraising efforts of many students, in excess of $800.00 for the Wildlife Park was raised.

Cobram AGS recently contacted Altina Wildlife Park to tell them the great news. The General Manager, Crystal, was delighted and moved by what our students had done and as a thank you to our school, asked our 5/6 students to name the 5 baby meerkats (kits) that had just been born.

Below is the message received by our students from Crystal and the team from Altina Wildlife Park.

“Altina Wildlife Park has made a commitment to fight extinction with our Conservation and Captive Animal Breeding programs. Without the support of our donators and adopter's, like Cobram Anglican Grammar School, we simply could not do this crucial work. Your kind animal Adoption and Donation allows Altina Wildlife Park to fund long term programs and definitely helps us fight animal extinction Wildlife.
Your generous gift assists with not only feed for our animals but also with supplies including: surgical instruments, machinery and maintenance equipment, as well as medication for our animals where needed.

Your donation to Altina enables us to keep moving forward in educating the wider community and helps us with our conservation programs and future projects to house and protect both native and exotic species. Your teaching staff, and families, should be extremely proud in raising these fine young children and I am more than certain they will grow to become great leaders in their society. We are blown away by the Year 5 & 6 of 2017’s kindness and this must be a reflection of their big hearts and cannot thank you all enough from the entire management team at Altina”.

The students came up with a very clever and appropriate list of names. Crystal and the team were delighted. The students now look forward to visiting Meerkats, Khamsi (original spirit – Male), Auggie (wonder – Female), Havanna (Female), Zuri (beautiful girl – Female) and Aleyah (gift from God – Female) on their next visit to Altina Wildlife Park.