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Good afternoon parents, guardians and students,

Welcome back everyone for what promises to be a full and rewarding Term Four. I trust that students have had the opportunity to refresh after a very busy Term Three, and that families were able to spend extended periods of quality time together.

It was fabulous to see parents, guardians and students utilising the Performing Arts Centre for Parent/Teacher interviews in the first week of term. The room as alive with a buzz of positivity and inclusivity, and reports from parents, teachers and students gave the facility a big ‘thumbs up’. It is wonderful to see this building used as a hub of pro activity in our great school.

Yesterday, Thursday October 17, saw the official opening of our Performing Arts Centre (PAC). Chair of the Board of the ASC, Mrs. Barbara Godwin OAM officially opened the building, supported by our Council Chair Trevor Noonan OAM, ASC CEO Peter Laurance OAM, and the

Bishop of Wangaratta, The Right Reverend John Parkes AM who blessed the PAC. This event was a highlight for the school and was witnessed by all staff and students, along with several members of the Board of the ASC who had travelled from Perth to visit the ASC schools in the Eastern States.

Parents and guardians of our Year Twelve cohort will be aware that the students reach the end of another year of senior VCE studies when our Year Twelve students finish their scheduled classes in preparation for their first exam, English, the following Wednesday October 30. I wish all Year Twelve students the best in their exam period and for all the future may bring. It has been very pleasing to see staff members and students collaborating throughout the year, with the assistance and input of parents working towards best outcomes for all VCE students. I encourage students to make the most of their time in the lead up to this very important exam session. The exam period will be a stressful period for VCE families and I urge parents to be sympathetic to the needs of Year Twelve students undertaking Exams during this period. The good news for Year Twelve students is that the Exam period will come to an end on Wednesday November 20. Good luck Year Twelve. The rewards for your efforts are very near to realisatio.

Parents, students and guardians are reminded that my door is always open, and that I am always available to assist where queries arise.
Kind regards,

Steve Gale

Term 4 Week 1, 18th October 2019

Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and Students
What a great community we have here at Cobram AGS. I see our key aspirations of Integrity, Endeavour, and Community clearly evident whenever I move about the school.

Core business of Cobram AGS is furthering the educational opportunities of all students at the School, and facilitating development of academic and practical skills and competencies. Part of the reason for our continued success is our commitment to the creation of community, and determination to enhance studies and social opportunities.

In this space, there has been much excitement around the school since the last Crier, with the very enjoyable Prep Hike, the fabulous efforts of the girl’s badminton finals, the very successful Year 3/4 Camp and culminating with the wonderful Middle School Social last night (Thursday Sept 19). Thanks to all staff and helpers involved in these events. Your commitment to the continued improvement of our community is greatly appreciated.

As we head into the Term Three holidays and look back, it is inspiring to see how far we have come – as a School and as a community noting ALL the events and opportunities of the term, and the efforts of staff members and helpers that have gone into providing these. I sincerely thank students, parents and staff members for their efforts, commitment and enthusiasm towards continued improvement of our vibrant School community.

Many students, especially those in senior classes, will have school work that beckons in spite of the upcoming two week break from classes.  All students need to ensure that the holidays include at least a short break from studies, and a sufficient amount of time to relax and indulge in other pursuits before refocussing towards a successful study session through to the end of year. Some might call this ‘recharging the batteries’. This is particularly important for Year 12 students, but applies to all.

Students and families should expect to see Interim Reports for all students late this week, or early in the upcoming holidays. A link will be opened on the School website as of Tuesday October 2 to allow parents to book interviews with teachers for the first week of Term Four. Parent/Teacher interviews are the perfect chance for parents and students alike to discuss successes and challenges with their teachers, and address concerns or issues that may potentially affect a student in their ability to perform to their best. I trust that all staff members are of assistance in ensuring as smooth as possible a path for each and every student in the School.  I encourage all parents and students to make the most of the chance to engage with teachers at this event.

Parents wishing to pursue further conversations with staff are always welcome, and are advised to make contact with the School Office during business hours to organise a suitable time.

I wish all members of our community a safe and restful break. I look forward to renewing our association early in October.
Kind regards,

Steve Gale

Term 3 Week 9, 20th September 2019

Good afternoon Parents, guardians and students

Our school continues to grow and flourish. Each day sees staff and students working together, hand in hand with parents, to pursue shared goals and aspirations. One of the great things about being involved in a P – 12 school is the vibrant community feel it brings. This was on display in abundance at our recent Father’s Day breakfast where students, Dads, uncles, grandfathers (as well as mums aunties and other important family members) gathered to recognise the importance of fathers in the lives of students. Thanks to our Head of Senior School, Ash Kennedy, and the Year 11 and Year 12 students for putting their combined efforts into making this event a success. In particular, thanks to school captains Mohammed Al Mousawy and Chloe Turra, for their commitment and enthusiasm in the lead up to this day, as well as for their efforts on the day.

As part of our commemorations of NAIDOC Day we recently invited teachers Jacinta Robbins and Sharonlee Post to utilise an afternoon to facilitate traditional indigenous activities for students from Foundation Year to Year Four. This day was a great success for all students in the Junior School. It was followed by a session for the middle and senior school students in the form of an ASHEFEST (ASHE Festival). ASHEFEST is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and community run each year by the students of the Academy of Sport, Health and Education as part of their VCAL studies, where, this year, our Year Five to Ten students participated in an Indigenous cultural day last Tuesday August 27. Thanks to Sharonlee and Jacinta for their dedication and commitment to ensuring that Cobram AGS’s NAIDOC Day commemorations were a success.

I welcome Mrs Jordan Flanagan on to our team. Jordan has recently arrived at the school, taking on the role of admissions Officer and Head of Marketing. She brings a wealth of experience to this role, and has settled in quickly – noting and reporting on the many events that happen at the school every day. Many who read this newsletter will have noticed new posts on our web site, and on social media – not to mention a number of compilations of recent events on our web site. Welcome Jordan. I trust your stay with us will be a long and happy one.
To all parents and friends of the school, please remember that my door is always open. Whether it be to discuss your child’s progress or float an idea for the improvement of the school, I have time to talk, and to listen.
Kind regards,

Steve Gale

10 September 2019

Good afternoon students, parents and teachers,

With Term Three well underway, I am greatly impressed at the academic industry and purposeful busy-ness I witness each day; teachers and other staff members working with students and families in an effort to achieve best academic and social outcomes for individual students, and in many cases groups of students. It is a comfort to speak with staff members, students and parents, and come away certain in the knowledge that the school continues to flourish as a result of the strengthening ties between these individuals connected to Cobram AGS.

Many will be aware that our school is part of the Anglican Schools Commission system, a group of 14 Anglican Schools located across West Australia, NSW and Victoria. It is a pleasure to report that our school hosted the regular Semester meetings with sister Eastern States schools over the past fortnight, planning curriculum and pastoral initiatives and aspirations for the balance of 2019 and beyond. The ideas that are discussed at these meetings are integral to setting the direction of the school, as undertaken by the Senior Executive Staff at the School. This team includes the Heads of School, The Director of Studies, the Head of Anglican Identity and the Chaplain. I am extremely grateful for the efforts and input of our senior staff during these sessions, and am acutely aware that the School asks them to fit more and more into their already extremely busy professional lives. I am also extremely proud of the resultant ‘calls to action’, and the ongoing improvements to our fabulous school community that stem from these meetings. Thank you senior staff, and all who work beside you

It was my privilege to represent our school, along with Head of Anglican Identity, Ms Shea Doyle, at the recent Anglican Schools of Australia Conference ‘Awe and Wonder’, held in Hobart recently. The conference featured some exceptional speakers and, in part, focused on developing successful interpersonal relationships – and hurdles and enablers of same. The speakers also noted the importance of Faith and Spiritual awareness as enablers of personal wellbeing. There was much to reflect on, in context of the ongoing pastoral care of our school community. I look forward to developing the School’s Pastoral program and connecting with all members of our community irrespective of Faith choices.

The Winter Appeal Sleepover was held last Thursday night (August 15). Around 15 students took part and I would like to thank Ms. Doyle, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Bird, Ms. Wannis, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hargreaves and Ms. Hills and all students who attended for highlighting, even just for one evening, the difficulties faced by those in our communities who find themselves homeless. A frugal night was enjoyed by all, with donations received from many students as part of the Casual Clothes Day that followed, in the name of this worthwhile cause.

Science week came to a close Friday August 16, and I would like to thanks all maths/science staff for their fabulous efforts to bring the importance of the study of Science to the attention of all students, and the broader community. Events were many and varied but included our own 3D printed cars launched and raced along the purpose built race track in our PAC – very exciting.

Last week, on Thursday August 22 was our annual Book Parade. What a sight! Novels, stories, and Tales tall and true were colourfully set to costume, and our community again set the bar high. Thanks to all who participated, and to Mrs Pam Trewin for her organisation of this event, not forgetting Mr. Jon O’Dwyer for taking on the Master of Ceremonies duties yet again. Well done all! Speaking of colourful sights, what about the 100 days of Prep celebrations last Friday August 16! Staff and students donned appropriate 100 year dress ups to join in the fun.

Last Thursday, August 22 our Senior School students kicked up their heels at the annual Senior School Formal. The event was full of fun and energy, and colour and movement. It was a fabulous opportunity for senior school students to ‘let their hair down’ for a brief moment, on the eve on the pupil free day today. Well done School Captains Mohammed Al Mousawy and Chloe Turra. Thanks also to all staff who assisted on the night, and especially to Mr Ash Kennedy for his work with the students in the lead up to this wonderful event.

Please remember that my door is always open. Whether it be to discuss your child’s progress or float an idea for the improvement of the school, I have time to talk, and to listen.

Kind regards,

Steve Gale

26 August 2019