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Good afternoon students, parents and teachers,

With Term Three well underway, I am greatly impressed at the academic industry and purposeful busy-ness I witness each day; teachers and other staff members working with students and families in an effort to achieve best academic and social outcomes for individual students, and in many cases groups of students. It is a comfort to speak with staff members, students and parents, and come away certain in the knowledge that the school continues to flourish as a result of the strengthening ties between these individuals connected to Cobram AGS.

Many will be aware that our school is part of the Anglican Schools Commission system, a group of 14 Anglican Schools located across West Australia, NSW and Victoria. It is a pleasure to report that our school hosted the regular Semester meetings with sister Eastern States schools over the past fortnight, planning curriculum and pastoral initiatives and aspirations for the balance of 2019 and beyond. The ideas that are discussed at these meetings are integral to setting the direction of the school, as undertaken by the Senior Executive Staff at the School. This team includes the Heads of School, The Director of Studies, the Head of Anglican Identity and the Chaplain. I am extremely grateful for the efforts and input of our senior staff during these sessions, and am acutely aware that the School asks them to fit more and more into their already extremely busy professional lives. I am also extremely proud of the resultant ‘calls to action’, and the ongoing improvements to our fabulous school community that stem from these meetings. Thank you senior staff, and all who work beside you

It was my privilege to represent our school, along with Head of Anglican Identity, Ms Shea Doyle, at the recent Anglican Schools of Australia Conference ‘Awe and Wonder’, held in Hobart recently. The conference featured some exceptional speakers and, in part, focused on developing successful interpersonal relationships – and hurdles and enablers of same. The speakers also noted the importance of Faith and Spiritual awareness as enablers of personal wellbeing. There was much to reflect on, in context of the ongoing pastoral care of our school community. I look forward to developing the School’s Pastoral program and connecting with all members of our community irrespective of Faith choices.

The Winter Appeal Sleepover was held last Thursday night (August 15). Around 15 students took part and I would like to thank Ms. Doyle, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Bird, Ms. Wannis, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hargreaves and Ms. Hills and all students who attended for highlighting, even just for one evening, the difficulties faced by those in our communities who find themselves homeless. A frugal night was enjoyed by all, with donations received from many students as part of the Casual Clothes Day that followed, in the name of this worthwhile cause.

Science week came to a close Friday August 16, and I would like to thanks all maths/science staff for their fabulous efforts to bring the importance of the study of Science to the attention of all students, and the broader community. Events were many and varied but included our own 3D printed cars launched and raced along the purpose built race track in our PAC – very exciting.

Last week, on Thursday August 22 was our annual Book Parade. What a sight! Novels, stories, and Tales tall and true were colourfully set to costume, and our community again set the bar high. Thanks to all who participated, and to Mrs Pam Trewin for her organisation of this event, not forgetting Mr. Jon O’Dwyer for taking on the Master of Ceremonies duties yet again. Well done all! Speaking of colourful sights, what about the 100 days of Prep celebrations last Friday August 16! Staff and students donned appropriate 100 year dress ups to join in the fun.

Last Thursday, August 22 our Senior School students kicked up their heels at the annual Senior School Formal. The event was full of fun and energy, and colour and movement. It was a fabulous opportunity for senior school students to ‘let their hair down’ for a brief moment, on the eve on the pupil free day today. Well done School Captains Mohammed Al Mousawy and Chloe Turra. Thanks also to all staff who assisted on the night, and especially to Mr Ash Kennedy for his work with the students in the lead up to this wonderful event.

Please remember that my door is always open. Whether it be to discuss your child’s progress or float an idea for the improvement of the school, I have time to talk, and to listen.

Kind regards,

Steve Gale

26 August 2019