About Us - Principals Message


Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and Students

It is pleasing to witness the positive energy around the school yard each day. It seems to grow exponentially as each new term unfolds. The New Year has clearly seen a rejuvenation of energy levels across the entire School and it is pleasing to observe staff, students and parents working together for positive educational and pastoral outcomes.

Our School is a great school. It is unique in its ability to provide the best in educational opportunities combined with a brand of pastoral care that is committed to the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and development of each and every child. Our staff are committed to best outcomes for all students. Students are committed to their studies, and parents are committed to best outcomes for their children. The positive energy and personal commitment of students, parents and staff alike is a hallmark of Cobram AGS and is something that is noted regularly by all who visit. Our unique culture is the envy of many other schools.

Heads of Junior, Middle and Senior Schools have been very busy encouraging leadership ambitions amongst the students in their respective sub-schools, and the recent leadership day facilitated by the Heads of School was, by all reports, a resounding success. The endeavour of our fabulous students is to be commended and I thank Mrs. Swoffer, Mr. Watkins and Mr. Kennedy for their endeavours with the student leaders.

Roadworks continue at the front of the school. At the time of writing we are very close to having all roadworks finished, and a resumption to regular traffic flow. I thank all members of our community for their patience during these last four weeks while works have been carried out. These improvements will make a considerable difference to our entire school community, and the school will have a much more settled feel once these works have been commissioned.

Our student counsellors Vanessa Wannis, supported by Dr. Kevin Quin, have already, since the beginning of the year, been of assistance to many of our students and families in need of their skills and advice. I encourage students and parents to avail themselves of the Schools professional counselling assistance where there are issues impinging on the exciting educational opportunities available to all students at Cobram AGS.  The student welfare team can be accessed via Heads of School.

Also appearing across my desk are details of recent swimming carnivals, along with other sporting activities attended by Cobram AGS students. I congratulate students of all ages who have competed with generosity of spirit and in a true sporting way. Further, I congratulate all who will compete in regional carnivals including the GMDSSV later this week. The School is proud to witness and promote an ongoing commitment to the endeavour and determination shown by all who compete at these events.

As always, Parents and Guardians are advised that my door is always open.

Kind regards,

Steve Gale