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Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and Students

It is in our willingness to give and not count the cost, and labour without seeking reward that we define our commitment to community. Our community grows through the contributions of individuals, and groups of individuals. At times there will be harmony, at times differences. It is our understanding that it is the little things that create difference, but in the big things we are one. Our community grows as we witness the dedication of parents, staff, students and friends of the School go the ‘extra mile’ for the good of all.
Thanks to all who contribute to our vibrant and growing community.

Our focus as a school is on providing educational programs that promote the concept of academic and artistic excellence. This commitment underpins all our planning and interaction with students and families. Our staff are committed to supporting students in their pursuits, and continue to strive to this end. We offer a broad range of activities across all year levels and also provide opportunities to excel in practical ‘hand on’ pursuits as well. Our programs are offered within the context of an Anglican Christian environment, and pastoral care and support of individuals and families are priorities.


We are a great school with fabulous programs. We are a growing school, and our numbers continue to surge across all sub-schools. I thank parents for their continued support I look forward to the sustained growth of our exciting School in 2020.

Our School Production was held earlier this week on Wednesday and Thursday October 30 and 31, to a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience. It was clear from the moment the lights dimmed that all students had rehearsed thoroughly, and were totally immersed in the story and their character. An enormous amount of effort went in to the preparation for the Production and thanks go especially to Mrs Trish Chmiel for preparing, rehearsing, producing and directing this artistic work along with all the students, parents and teachers who assisted, whether their contribution be large or small.

Another significant moment in the life of the school is Grandparents Day, which was held last week Friday October 25. Over one hundred and sixty grandparents and family members gathered to celebrate the successes of students at the School. In addition to the school throwing open its classrooms and curriculum, and inviting attendees to participate in regular class activities, grandparents were welcomed with an Art Show held in the Performing Arts Centre featuring artworks by Junior School students, and a dance extravaganza provided by the Year One/Two students. Many thanks go to Mrs Mary Swoffer for organising the Prep to Year Four students and teachers, to Ms Hannah Forrest and her Year Seven class for catering the event and Mr Kale Watkins for the participation of Year Five and Six students (including Izzy Boys and the fabulous cupcakes she created and provided), and to Mrs. Swoffer and Mr. O’Dwyer for their support and encouragement of our Year One/Two dancers.

Kind regards,

Steve Gale

Term 4 Week 4, 4th November 2019

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