About Us - School Philosophy

The School Philosophy

Cobram Anglican Grammar School is an affordable school, open to all, providing a caring, Anglican and disciplined learning environment.

 Our motto is Integrity, Endeavour, Community

  • Integrity: always be honest and true in all dealings with one another.
  • Endeavour: always be prepared to do one’s best, no matter what the obstacles.
  • Community: always be supportive of one another, and recognise the intrinsic value of the contribution of every individual.

Cobram Anglican Grammar School has a proud tradition, and aims to develop the whole person. Spiritual and moral growth and maturity are developed hand in hand with academic pursuits. Our highly skilled staff members provide quality education opportunities in a caring and pastoral atmosphere.  

"The importance of a holistic education cannot be underestimated. Within the context of being an Anglican School, our core business is education, and it is my aim that we provide the broadest curriculum possible, allowing all students to pursue personal excellence in a pastoral and caring environment"  Stephen Gale, Principal.


Our Aim

At Cobram Anglican Grammar School, our aim is to provide a dynamic, innovative and supportive learning environment designed to nurture and develop the potential of each of our students in all aspects of their being. We develop integrity in our students. We celebrate and encourage their optimism and their passion for learning. We nurture their wonder of the world around them. We value thoughtfulness and a sense of community. We strive to encourage our students’ belief in themselves. While our focus is strongly academic, we firmly believe that we must seek to encourage in our students much more than academic excellence. We seek happiness, self-assuredness, determination, honesty, optimism, involvement in and appreciation of the community and an abiding sense of spirituality.